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Stephen McPartland MP has been working with East Coast to stop them from reducing services at Stevenage.

Stephen said, “I am pleased the negotiation has been successful for both Stevenage and East Coast, as it is important we work well with our partners and develop constructive relationships. I am delighted that the East Coast ticket office will remain open at Stevenage station and we have secured extra services to Lincoln and York and an evening train going to Newcastle, subject to confirmation from Network Rail.

Stephen added, “The extra services are great news for local people and businesses as Stevenage continues to take a leading role in helping our economy recover. I have been impressed with the courteous and businesslike manner of East Coast under Elaine Holt's leadership.”

Chairman of East Coast Elaine Holt said: “East Coast has listened to the views of customers and stakeholders across the 920-mile East Coast route as it has consulted upon and developed a ground-breaking new timetable, which will be introduced 20th May 2011. This has included a very constructive and on-going dialogue with Mr McPartland in his role as the MP for Stevenage and, previously, in his role as a representative of the local rail user group.

Elaine explained, “In an earlier draft of the timetable, which East Coast published last year, weekday services to Stevenage were slightly reduced. However, having listened to the views of customers and stakeholders, including Mr McPartland, East Coast now plans to actually increase, not reduce, the number of weekday services that stop at Stevenage by 18 per day, from 40 per day now to 58 services per day from May. This will bring more than 9,000 additional seats each week day for rail travellers to Stevenage.”

Elaine concluded, “It reflects East Coast’s commitment to serving the town and positively contributing to its prosperity. East Coast is also strengthening direct journeys from Stevenage to Yorkshire with an additional 11 services per week day to and from Leeds. Good connections will help maintain East Coast journeys between Stevenage and North East England and Scotland, where there is less demand for direct links.”


David Cameron visits Lister HospitalDavid Cameron was welcomed to the Lister Hospital by Stephen McPartland the Conservative Parliamentary candidate on Saturday. David stopped in Stevenage to visit the Maternity unit and meet some new mothers and the staff.

Stephen said “David really enjoyed chatting to the mothers and meeting their new babies and praised the work of the staff, who have done such a good job caring for them”.

David Cameron has made the NHS his number one priority, the Conservatives back the NHS and want to improve it for everyone. They will increase spending on health every year, while cutting waste in the NHS, so that more goes to nurses and doctors on the frontline and make sure you get access to the cancer drugs you need.

Stephen added “I am proud of the NHS. My friends and family depend upon the hard work, dedication and great care provided by our health professionals and I am delighted David was able to make the time to come and meet some of them again. He helped us campaign to keep the Lister open, when the government threatened to close the A&E a couple of years ago”.

Stevenage Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Stephen McPartland brought Shadow Environment Secretary Nick Herbert to see the River Beane near the White Hall Pumping Station at Aston.  Stephen and Nick were accompanied by Oliver Heald, Conservative Candidate for North East Hertfordshire.  The three would-be MPs were met at the River Beane by rivers’ campaigners including Dave Stimpson, Chairman of the River Beane Restoration Association. 

Campaigners explained the problems of over-extraction and low water levels on the River, and Nick responded by explaining Conservative policy on chalk rivers and that there is to be a White Paper explaining how to create a better river and water network. 

Commenting, Nick Herbert said, “There is a really serious problem with the huge demand for water from the growing population, climate change and some of the rivers are on the edge.  I have come here to support local people who value the rivers and try and rebuild the capacity of this important ecological asset.”

Commenting, Stephen McPartland said, “I am delighted that Nick was able to come to the Stevenage Constituency and see for himself the state of the River Beane.  I am delighted that the Conservatives are producing a White Paper aimed at tackling these difficult problems.” 

Oliver Heald added, “My campaigning at Westminster for the Government to produce a plan to protect and improve these precious river habitats has been gaining support and I am glad that Nick is working hard on this.”

Kids Count Inspiration Awards recognise individuals and organisations responsible for inspiring young people in their communities, helping them to address issues that affect their lives through initiatives that make a positive difference, and in turn afford greater freedom for young people to determine their own futures.  People in Stevenage can do their bit by making nominations before the deadline of 24th March.

Stephen McPartland MP said, “I’m delighted to be supporting Kids Count to recognise people who are making a real difference to the lives of young people in our communities.  I hope people will ensure that the great work done across Stevenage is recognised by making sure they send in nominations for the awards.”

Linda Lawrence, Director of Kids Count said: “The conviction and confidence that is displayed by young people and those who work with them is often truly extraordinary, and frequently overlooked. Through these awards we aim to recognise the contributions made by people who are making a real difference to the lives of young people across the UK .”


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