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Stephen McPartland recently visited the Lister Hospital dialysis unit and met with the Kidney Alliance and members of the Trust Board. Mr McPartland was given a tour of the unit by Dr Paul Warwicker, where he learnt about the process which keeps people alive if their kidneys fail. He met Fiona Loud from the Kidney Alliance, and Kirit Modi, also a kidney patient. They talked about the importance of identifying kidney disease early, of people being able to make choices in their care (at home or hospital) and transplantation. The Lister Hospital treats 400 dialysis patients a week at the unit and is also a pioneer in the field of home haemodialysis, being the first unit in the country to offer a smaller more advanced dialysis machine, making the process a bit easier. Fiona and Kirit have both been treated at the Lister in the past and work to support other patients and to promote high quality treatment for those at risk of or with kidney failure.

The Federation of Small Businesses was delighted to welcome MP Stephen McPartland at a local breakfast networking event. Over 100 small businesses attended the event.

After the breakfast Stephen said:  “I was delighted to be given the opportunity by the FSB to speak to such a large number of local businesses. I know the work they have done with business locally and government nationally is valued. Especially important is their analysis of the cost of bureaucracy to small companies, which they have shown results in up to a full working day a week being spent on unproductive paperwork. Local companies need to be set free to get on with the job of running their business and becoming the engines of the economic recovery."

The breakfast event was sponsored by the FSB as part of the Herts B2b Exhibition held at the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre and chaired by regional Chairman Ian Cording. FSB Business Consultant Maree Atkinson said, “We were delighted with such a high turnout of  our members and to welcome Mr McPartland to meet them.  It is vitally important for both the FSB and its members to build a strong relationship with our local MP.”

Stephen McPartland, local MP for Stevenage is delighted to announce that NHS Hertfordshire intends to formally approach East and North Herts Trust to consider better access to radiotherapy services for local people.

Stephen said “the campaign for a new radiotherapy unit at the Lister Hospital has reached the first successful stage and I am delighted that after a meeting with the Chief Executive of NHS Hertfordshire at the end of last week, we have moved another step closer to making our dream a reality, as they will now begin the formal process that could lead to a satellite radiotherapy unit being based at the Lister Hospital”.

“In the discussion it became clear that there has been long interest in setting up a satellite radiotherapy unit to reduce the number of local people having to travel long distances to get access to this treatment. Local people received a raw deal from the last government when they scrapped plans for a new Cancer unit at Hatfield. However, due to the new government’s changes to NHS procurement rules, they are now in a position to formally approach our local hospital trust about changing the commissioning of existing services to offer better access to radiotherapy services for local patients and their families”.

“This is fantastic news for all those supporting the campaign I am leading with The Comet and it really is important we keep the momentum going”.

The voices of more than 700 adults, many of whom have significant communications difficulties, are making themselves heard with a response to the consultation on the NHS White Paper, Equity and Excellence – Liberating the NHS, thanks to Stevenage-based advocacy charity, POhWER.

The response was presented to local MP, Stephen McPartland at POhWER’s office by Chief Executive, Valerie Harrison, and trustees Judith Smart, Arthur Bate, Neil Hoskins and Owen Parry. Stephen pledged to personally give the response to the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, and added, “This response is exactly what the White Paper is aiming at, we want to involve as many people as possible in determining the future of the NHS. POhWER and its work personify what we mean by ‘the big society’. I am very proud to give the views of so many disadvantaged people over to Andrew Lansley, and I know he will be equally delighted to receive them”.

POhWER Chief Executive, Valerie Harrison says: “The principle of ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ means a great deal to us and we are very glad the government has decided to adopt it. We hope our response will make a meaningful contribution to the consultation and our energy and passion will inspire the NHS to not only to listen and respond to people like us, but value our experience and respect the level of commitment it often takes for us to achieve what for others may seem straightforward tasks”.

Phase Four of the Lister Hospital development programme has been given the go ahead. Stephen McPartland MP said “This is fantastic news for Stevenage and I have been pressing Ministers for clarification on the reconfiguration of health services in Hertfordshire. We have been working hard to ensure this project is given the green light and the Lister becomes a centre of clinical excellence.”

Stephen continued, “I am delighted that we have managed to secure another £71 million investment in healthcare in Stevenage. This comes to around a quarter of a billion pounds that the new government is investing in Stevenage health and education.”

Stephen added “Protecting and improving our local NHS is a key priority and I will continue working with Unions, managers, Staff, clinicians and patients to deliver the best healthcare possible for local people. This is just the start and we need to campaign hard to make sure we deliver real results. There has been too much talk over the last thirteen years, it is time for action”.

Local people from Stevenage participated in the nationwide World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to raise funds in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. There were activities in the town centre as well as coffee mornings in residents’ homes.

Stephen McPartland MP said “Macmillan Cancert Support undertakes important work in the help it provides to those suffering with cancer. It is fantastic to see events of this sort to raise awareness and funds for the charity, and I am glad to give my support by attending.” Stephen is pictured with Jenny Keen and Anita Parsley, both firm supporters of Macmillan.

Stephen McPartland MP’s campaign for a new cancer treatment unit with radiotherapy is going from strength to strength. It has already attracted strong support from clinicians and the general public and most recently Stephen met with staff union representatives from the Lister Hospital.

Anne Wells (Royal College of Nursing), East and North Herts Staff Side Chair, and Kim Hedley (Amicus), met with Stephen and discuss care and staffing implications of the proposed new unit. Anne and Kim said, “The staff side of East and North Herts NHS Trust are happy to fully support Stephen’s campaign to open a radiotherapy service in Stevenage. This is a much-needed facility for our patients, who have to travel in excess of 80-miles round-trip for this service at present. These patients are already extremely poorly, and obviously will be experiencing the side effects of radiotherapy. It will also help in the delivery of care closer to home which is beneficial to every patient.”

Stephen said, "I am delighted to meet with the RCN and Amicus representatives at the Lister, and to hear that the staff side have backed my campaign, which I am running in partnership with The Comet, for a new Radiotherapy Unit at the hospital. This is a great boost for the campaign and shows we are gaining support across the whole hospital community, the town of Stevenage and across Hertfordshire. We have a real opportunity to help make a difference to thousands of people and I will continue to lead the campaign with The Comet to ensure we are successful".

Stephen McPartland, local MP for Stevenage raised the issue of his campaign for a radiotherapy unit at Lister hospital in Parliament and asked the Secretary of State for Health several questions in the House of Commons on the issue.

Stephen said: “I have now raised this important local issue with the Secretary of State for Health and hope this brings attention to the raw deal cancer patients received from the last government, when the planned cancer unit at Hatfield was scrapped. By asking these questions in Parliament I wish to highlight the effort towards improving cancer care in Stevenage”.

To date over 2,500 individuals have pledged their support. Stephen said, “It is essential to keep the momentum of this campaign moving forward. I urge all local residents to sign the petition, join the facebook group and tell their friends about what we are trying to achieve”.

Last month Mr McPartland launched the campaign in conjunction with the Comet newspaper to bring much needed cancer services to the Stevenage area. Currently patients requiring radiotherapy have to travel over 80 miles for a round trip to the Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood, Middlesex. Since its launch the campaign has attracted widespread support and many local residents have been in contact with their own personal experiences.

Stephen added: “Cancer patients typically make 53 trips to hospital during treatment. For patients in Stevenage that works out at over 4,000 miles of travel on average whilst suffering from the illness.”

Two local mothers, Sam Owen and Sam Faulkner, are campaigning with the Families Fighting for Justice campaign group to lobby the government for tougher jail sentences for murderers. Both lost sons through violent acts and want to fight for justice for other families affected in the way that they have been.

Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, met with the two mothers to hear directly from them about their experiences and the issues they faced. Stephen said, "I agree with Families Fighting for Justice that life should mean life for first degree murder of innocent victims and we need much tougher sentences for manslaughter.  Listening to the experiences of those whose childrens' lives have been taken from them and the devastating impact it has had on their families is heartbreaking.  Account needs to be taken of not only the loss of the life of an innocent victim but also destroying the hopes and dreams of the families who have lost a loved one."

Families Fighting for Justice is not only a lobby group but also provides support for families of victims. For more information visit their website at www.familiesfightingforjustice.com.

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