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Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, presented the award at this year’s Astrium Rocket Science Project challenge for the young apprentice engineers.

Stephen said, “I was delighted to be invited to see the projects and make the award to the winning team. I was very impressed with both teams ability to design and build a pulse jet engine in such a small timescale and it is clear testament to the talent, passion, intelligence and enthusiasm of the apprentices, who are a credit to Astrium and Stevenage.”

The winning team of five young apprentices, based at Astrium’s facility in Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, called themselves Black Arrow, after the British rocket developed in the 1960s, and designed and manufactured a working pulse jet engine for World Space Week 2011 - real rocket science.

Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage officially launched the North Hertfordshire Children’s University at North Hertfordshire College’s Stevenage centre.

Stephen commented, “I congratulate North Hertfordshire College on another great project, which really helps young people satisfy their natural curiosity about the world around them and teachers trying to develop a passion for learning in their pupils.”

NHC has trialled the Children’s University concept with three local schools which has proved a huge success. Children have taken part in cake baking and animation workshops, utilising the college facilities, and have their Passport to Learning stamped each time. Once the children have achieved a number of hours they receive an award and then take part in the Children’s University graduation ceremony.

The Children’s University is a national organisation which provides children aged 7 – 14 with learning opportunities outside of school hours that complement school subjects.

Congratulations to the players and all those at Stevenage FC for a great result. I think the fans were fantastic and I agree with the manager that we have every chance of winning at White Hart Lane.

This has been another great day for our town and I am proud of Stevenage.


Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, visited the St John Ambulance Hertfordshire County Headquarters, based on Argyle Way in Stevenage, to hear about the work the leading first aid charity undertakes in the town and beyond, and to thank the volunteers for their support in the snow and generally adverse weather conditions.

Stephen said “I wanted to say a big thank you to St John Ambulance for their huge contribution to our local community. The emergency support they provide to the Ambulance service is very welcome, especially at this time of year when they have 4x4 vehicles on standby and manned by volunteers to help paramedics get to emergencies during periods of heavy snowfall.”

He added, “I am always reassured to know that we have such wonderful back up support available at this time of year and wanted to take this opportunity to thank St John Ambulance on behalf of local people.”

Stephen heard about key aspects of St John Ambulance’s work in the local area, such as the charity’s work in schools and in community first aid training, and was shown some of the County’s fleet and spoke to staff including one of the cycle responders.

Managing Director Phil Cooper invited local MP Stephen McPartland to visit Abbeysteel's processing facilities in Pin Green and to present an award to one of their customers, Silverline, for passing 10,000 tonnes of CO2 savings in the last two years.

Stephen said, "I am delighted to present this award, and proud of the innovation shown by this local firm in taking what others see as waste material and turning it into a component for products such as metal filing cabinets."

Stevenage firm Abbeysteel produces the world’s first green brand of sustainably sourced steel by reusing prime grade steel that is a waste by-product of other processes, for instance in the automotive industry. Chairman of Silverline, Stanley Ensinger, received the awad and the company has more information about it at

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, welcomed the award of a £483 million contract to MBDA.

Stephen said “This is absolutely fabulous news; this once again shows how Stevenage is leading the way as a centre for high technology.  I am delighted that MBDA have managed to win this contract, as it has secured hundreds of local jobs and will create exciting opportunities in the future for our young people. I have been working closely with both government ministers and MBDA to drive forward Britain’s sovereign defence capability; we should not have to go aboard for defence technology that we can make at home.”

"The announcement the Queen will visit Stevenage is absolutely fantastic news and I look forward to welcoming her Majesty to our town.", said Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage.

Stephen added, "This is a very proud day for Stevenage and the surrounding areas that the Queen and Prince Phillip will join us to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. I am delighted by this announcement which follows on from the Government’s massive £250million investment in our town and 2012 will be another great year for Stevenage.”

The new Da Vinci Studio School of science and engineering at North Hertfordshire College’s Stevenage campus has appointed Donna Lodge as Principal Designate.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, said, “I look forward to working closely with Donna Lodge to deliver outstanding opportunities at the Da Vinci Studio School for local young people. North Hertfordshire College are to be congratulated for attracting such a top class candidate to help us take this project forward.”

The Da Vinci Studio School, sponsored by North Hertfordshire College, is one of 12 new studio schools announced by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, said "It is good news that we are seeing less crime in our town and reassuring to all residents and our communities.  I know from the work I have done with the Police how hard our local officers work and the message to criminals is that they are not welcome in Stevenage."

Full details of local crime figures can be found at the Hertfordshire Police website.

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