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Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, visited an all-day ‘Enterprise in Action’ programme held at Marriotts School and provided by Young Enterprise, a charity which aims to equip young people with business knowledge and skills for the modern world.

Stephen saw the teams at the production phase and commented, “"The pupils were completely engaged in the sessions led by Jane and you could see them brimming over with ideas. It was perfectly clear from chatting to the young people that some of Hertfordshire's future business leaders were sitting in the hall, listening carefully and eager to have a go at being amongst the brightest and best business people."

The day’s event was led by Jane Shipley, Young Enterprise Manager for North Hertfordshire, and involved 60 students who had to work in teams to create and present a product to a panel of judges from the business community. Jane said, “The day’s event fostered and enhanced students’ entrepreneurial skills by requiring them to create a product, then advertise and present it to different market sectors and finally sell it to the local sponsors and business volunteers who represented potential investors.”

Heather Bullen, Head of Faculty, ICT, Business Studies & Citizenship, at Marriotts School said “We look forward to further work with YoungEnterprise, the students loved it!”

Stephen McPartland MP for Stevenage has responded to the Care Quality Commission's latest report on the Clinicenta Carillion-owned Surgicentre.  The report concludes that the Surgicentre does not have an effective health, safety and welfare system in place with a resulting "major" impact on patients.

Stephen commented, "The report clearly shows that the Surgicentre remains non-compliant and is not delivering the service required. This is the final blow for the owners Clinicenta Carillion, they are failing to manage the facility and they are failing local people. They have lost the trust of the local medical professionals and they have lost the trust of the local community. Their time is up and I am calling on the Care Quality Commission to suspend Clinicenta Carillion's licence to operate healthcare in the UK and return this facility to the local hospital to manage."

Stevenage MP, Stephen McPartland, has made a submission as part of the consultation process relating to the planning application by London Luton Airport as many local residents are very concerned about the proposed expansion.

Residents in Stevenage and the surrounding villages will suffer increased noise generated by overflying aircraft with the proposed expansion.  Of major concern too are night flights and the proposals should ensure residents have proper protections against disturbance.

Stephen has also highlighted concerns raised about the fairness of the process since Luton Borough Council both own the airport and are responsible for considering the planning permission, and steps need to be taken to ensure that the public interest is upheld.

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland along with North East Herts MP Oliver Heald met East of England Ambulance Service Interim Chief Executive, Andrew Morgan, and Chairman, Maria Ball.

Both MPs took up concerns about the speed of response and low morale in the Ambulance Service.

Stephen said, “A long wait for an ambulance is not good for anybody and I am keen to ensure that we have the best NHS for local people. I am delighted that Oliver and I were able to get a commitment from the East of England Ambulance Service that there would be more ambulances on the road to ensure that we have the best NHS here.”

Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, supported Holocaust Memorial Day by signing a Book of Commitment in the House of Commons honouring those who died during the Holocaust.

Stephen said, “I welcome the opportunity to pay tribute to those who perished during the Holocaust. Holocaust Memorial Day is an important opportunity to remember the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. I will continue to support communities who are working together against prejudice and intolerance."

Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said “We are proud that Stephen McPartland MP is supporting Holocaust Memorial Day this year. It is vitally important that we both remember and learn from the appalling events of the Holocaust – as well as ensuring that we continue to challenge all forms of hatred and bigotry." 

Holocaust Memorial Day is on Sunday January 27th which will mark the 68th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Nazi concentration and extermination camp which is the site of the largest mass murder in history. 

Trussells Butchers of Knebworth are a regional finalist for this year's Countryside Alliance Awards. Stephen McPartland the local Member of Parliament popped in to congratulate the team. Paul Elleston, the proprieter, explained they sell high-class meats sourced only from the UK and focus on the service they provide to local customers.

Stephen said, "I am delighted that Trussells Butchers in Knebworth are in the regional finals and know that Knebworth and many other villages benefit from Trussells' mobile shop. It was a pleasure to buy some sausages, which tasted great, and wish them luck in the finals as they are a fantastic local butchers."

Regional winners will be announced in the near future and will go forward to compete against winners from all over the UK.

Stephen McPartland was invited to be the guest of honour and officially launch the new "Probashe Proyashe" community group at the Oval in Stevenage.

The group is aimed at the Bengali speaking community in Stevenage and wants young and older members of the community to come together to celebrate a variety of festivals and take an active part in Stevenage's voluntary work.

Stephen said "I was honoured to be given the opportunity to launch this new community group which is focused not just on celebrating festivals but rewarding young people for good exam results and community work. The focus on hospitality and helping one another is deeply rooted in Stevenage and both the British and Bangladeshi cultures. I wish them every success with the new group and look forward to coming back to make the awards to some young people and learn more about their work."

Stephen McPartland MP for Stevenage said: “I am very impressed by the team at Stevenage branch who work efficiently and with a smile to serve all their customers with the wide range of services offered. I am delighted that Post Office Ltd recently won the DVLA contract, which will help to safeguard the future of the Post Office network. It was so easy to renew my driving licence using the Post Office driving licence checking service.”

Trudi Clarke, Branch Manager commented: “We were really pleased that our local MP, Stephen McPartland, came to show his support for Post Office workers and delighted he was able to use our driver licence renewal service, which is such a quick, efficient and affordable service to use.”

Photocard driver licences need to be renewed every ten years. Stevenage Post Office is one branch that has cutting-edge biometric technology to capture a customer’s details digitally and send their application securely to the DVLA. This makes it quick and easy to keep a licence up-to-date. The hassle-free service offered by the Post Office only takes a few minutes to complete.

Stephen McPartland MP has begun publishing the responses from FTSE 100 companies to his challenge for greater tax transparency at The responses have been wide ranging with HSBC offering to help design a tax transparency standard, BT and others welcoming the transparency initiative but not the means and Hargreaves Lansdown questioning the value of the taxes they pay.

Stephen took up the initiative after meeting Christian Aid supporters when the Tax Justice Bus tour visited his constituency of Stevenage.  The tax justice campaigners believe that tax dodging by international companies costs the UK around £35 billion and developing countries an estimated $160billion per year.

Stephen said, "Just imagine the dramatic difference such a huge sum of money would make if it was available to invest in public services, infrastructure and other vital services essential for economic growth."

"There is a growing anger and concern that some large companies are hiding behind complex accounting rules that may be strictly legal, but are considered to be unethical by the public. The problem of missing billions in tax is not just a problem in the UK, it is worldwide and does the greatest damage to poor and developing countries who cannot stand up to massive corporations."

"I know governments from all around the world will agree with the sentiments of greater tax transparency, but they will struggle to introduce it as every nation competes in the global race. Therefore, it will be up to the companies themselves to lead the way and they will only do that if their customers, the British public in many cases, drag them kicking and screaming towards tax transparency and a fairer tax system for us all."

Stephen McPartland MP has written to the Chief Executives of all the FTSE 100 companies to ask them individually if they are willing to pledge their support for corporate tax transparency and if they will support a new international accountancy standard for country-by-country reporting. The responses are being published at so that the general public know which FTSE 100 companies are willing to sign up to tax transparency and which are not.

Stephen added, "Everyone of us can then decide individually whether the biggest companies in Britain really do care about the poorest in our society at home and abroad."

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