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Noise and night flights were amongst the major concerns highlighted by Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland in his submission to the recent consultation about the proposed expansion of Luton airport.  You can read the text of his submission below:

I am making this submission to the consultation process because I know many residents in my constituency, covering Stevenage and surrounding villages, are very concerned about the proposed expansion of Luton Airport.

Luton Airport is valued by local people, to use as passengers and as a source of employment, directly and indirectly. However, the proposed plans for expansion, which would provide significant additional capacity at the airport, are a cause for concern as the passenger numbers using the airport could increase from around 10 million passengers per year to 18 million passengers per year. This is a huge increase and there is no specific constraint on the number of passengers allowed through the airport, so the figure could be even higher.

Residents in Stevenage and the surrounding villages suffer from the noise generated by overflying aircraft, and this will only increase with the proposed expansion. The projections for noise seem to take into account some factors, such as the trend for aircraft to be quieter, but not others, such as the trend towards larger aircraft, which are noisier, and the increased frequency of flights, particularly in the summer months.

Of major concern, too, are night flights. It is important that any increase in capacity has to include noise reduction measures, so the quality of life locally is not affected, and residents have proper protections against disturbance from night flights.


The Pride Youth Project is now able to offer more young people in Stevenage a chance to take part in sport and art activities from their new base, the John Pryor Centre, Nokeside thanks to £50,000 awarded from the Community Development Foundation.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, visited the project, and commented, "I am always proud to support young people in Stevenage and this is a great project. Hayley and Becky are inspirational leaders and the children I met were deeply committed to taking part and channelling their energies into sport and art."

This is a budget for families, jobs and pensioners with fairness at the heart of it.

I am proud we are lifting millions of people out of tax and local people will have more money in their pocket and we are introducing the biggest ever increase in the state pension to help the elderly members of our community.

Our help for businesses will mean more jobs and opportunities for young people and the massive investment in the pupil premium which helps the poorest pupils in school is a real boost for families struggling as we try to clear up the massive debts Labour left behind.

I am proud to support this budget which helps the poorest in our community and builds on the massive £250 million infrastructure investment in our local schools, hospital, jobs and housing, which I have secured from the government for our town.

Stephen McPartland
Member of Parliament for Stevenage
21st March 2012

It was an amazing experience to listen to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II replying to the addresses made by both Houses of Parliament today on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

This is only the eighth time in history a monarch has come to Westminster Hall to receive an address.

I am proud to be the Member of Parliament for Stevenage and look forward to welcoming the Queen and Prince Phillip to Stevenage in June.


Stephen McPartland,
Member of Parliament for Stevenage

Stephen McPartland MP hosted a meeting recently in Parliament to get to the bottom of the “teething problems” which have been encountered by many patients at the Surgicentre in Stevenage.

Stephen said “I organised the meeting after it became clear that our constituents were encountering a variety of difficulties in accessing the services at the Surgicentre and numerous appointments were being cancelled at short notice. This is obviously not good enough and we demanded both Clinicentre (who manage the Surgicentre) and their owners Carillion present themselves at Parliament to identify a way forward to improve the experience of our constituents”.

“I am pleased it was a very productive meeting and a number of changes have been put in place, which will benefit our constituents. However, it became clear during the meeting that the shared pathway process, which was implemented by the previous Government, is deeply flawed and in urgent need of reform”.


A seminar held at North Hertfordshire College in Stevenage focused on the hard problem of domestic violence, under the title of “Stop the Violence against Women”.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, spoke at the event to an audience which included representatives from a range of different local and regional organisations. Stephen highlighted the Government’s commitment to finding solutions, including the current consultation process about whether the current definition of domestic violence should be widened. Examples discussed were abuse taking place within the teenage gang culture, while other speakers spoke of work regionally and internationally.

The seminar was held by Stevenage World Forum and Inner Wheel to mark International Women’s Day.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, is highlighting to local residents a free energy efficiency offer, to help a friend or a relative, and benefit from their efforts.

Stephen said, “We have a great community in Stevenage and we can all do our bit to make sure that our friends and family are getting all the help they can in these difficult times.  If you have a an elderly relative or someone you think that might benefit from this offer, then get them to make a call and you could both be £50 better off and save money on your energy bills.”

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland visited Bupa’s Woodlands View care home last week to meet staff, a selection of the 120 residents, and Richie, the VIP cat at the home in Poplars. He was met by home manager Marianne Allen and Bupa’s regional director for the South East, Rhona McLeod for a tour of one of the home’s four houses, stopping in on residents along the way to speak to them about their life experiences and their time at the home.

Stephen said, “I want to thank Marianne, her staff, and the residents at Bupa’s Woodlands View care home, for taking the time to show me around and making me feel so welcome.It was great to hear so many wonderful stories and, of course, to meet Richie. I look forward to returning to the home for one of their upcoming events in the community.”

Home manager, Marianne Allen said of the visit, “It was a joy to show Mr McPartland around and introduce him to our residents, our fantastic staff. We’ve recently undergone a £400,000 refurbishment in the home and we were delighted to show some of its best features to our local MP.”

Stevenage MP, Stephen McPartland, welcomed the news that the government is investing a further £3.24 million at the Lister hospital which includes the provision of a new MRI scanner.

Stephen said "I am delighted the government is investing more in our local hospital and the new MRI scanner will make a massive difference to thousands of local people. I am delivering on my commitment to put patients first and remain focused on delivering real results for local people that improves our quality of life. These are exciting times for our town as Stevenage continues to attract massive government investment of over £250 million in our local hospital, schools, housing and jobs".

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