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I backed the Prime Minister to deliver Brexit in the Meaningful Vote after the legally binding changes she secured.

I made clear my views on why I could not support the last deal the Prime Minister brought to Parliament here:

I was very clear that "I want a free trade deal with Europe, our largest trading partner, but I also want trade deals around the world. The scaremongering about “No Deal” and “crashing out” is irresponsible and damaging consumer confidence at a critical time, when we should be supporting manufacturers and retailers during the vital trading period. Millions of jobs depend on our High Streets and we cannot have first class public services without a strong economy to pay for them.

I do not support the Withdrawal Agreement in its current form. There is much to dislike, but I accept the need for compromise in any negotiation. However, I cannot compromise on an “indefinite backstop” that prevents us from ever leaving the European Union and delivering on the result of the referendum."

The Prime Minister listened to Parliament and went back to Europe to secure those legally binding changes to stop us from being trapped in the backstop indefinitely. She has secured legally binding changes, with comparable legal weight to the Withdrawal Agreement, to reduce the risk that the EU could deliberately keep the UK in the backstop indefinitely and to work to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements by December 2020. The Government has also made a Unilateral Declaration that if the backstop comes into use and discussions on our future relationship break down so that there is no prospect of subsequent agreement due to the EU breaching its obligations, it is the position of the United Kingdom that there would be nothing to prevent the UK instigating measures that could ultimately dis-apply the backstop.

There have also been additional commitments on workers’ rights and environmental protections. I believe this improved Brexit deal now delivers on what local people voted for:

  • We will take back control of our laws, ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK.
  • We will take back control of our borders, ending free movement and delivering a skills-based immigration system.
  • We will take back control of our money, no longer sending vast sums of money to the EU and instead spending it on our priorities like investing in our long-term plan for the NHS.
  • We will take back control of our trade policy, enabling us to strike free trade deals with countries all over the world.

It is not a perfect deal and there are still a number of issues that I do not like, but any negotiation requires compromise. The Prime Minister listened to the concerns I raised on behalf of my constituents and acted upon them. I voted to support the Prime Minister and keep Great Britain in charge of Brexit instead of allowing the European Union to take control.

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Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland highlighted problems many leaseholders face with ground rents, when trying to sell their properties during a debate he led in Parliament. However, one company has already come forward to help find solutions that are fairer to tenants.

Stephen McPartland MP said, "Following the debate I led in Parliament about the problems doubling of ground rents is causing with leaseholders in Stevenage, I am pleased Adriatic Land 5 Ltd has come to the table to find solutions that are fairer to tenants.

"To start, the leaseholders in Six Hills House, which I highlighted as an example of ground rents doubling periodically, will instead have ground rents with increases limited to RPI. Most importantly this means they do not have to pay any large legal fees to vary the lease and reduce the concerns raised by mortgage companies. It is a fantastic step towards a fairer deal for leaseholders."

The debate is about the impact of companies, such as Adriatic Land 5 Ltd, holding freeholds and charging ground rents. Often these rents double every ten to fifteen years and have other conditions. This can prevent affected leaseholders in Stevenage from re-mortgaging or selling their properties.

Has your ground rent increased recently? Watch the debate I am leading here

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Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland met farmers from the Ivory Coast, Rwanda and the Dominican Republic to hear more about how the Fairtrade Foundation's campaigns help them out of poverty.

Stephen McPartland MP said, “I am delighted to support Fairtrade Fortnight and the She Deserves a Living Income campaign, which celebrates the hard work of women cocoa farmers and calls on all of us to do more to increase their incomes. I know there are many people in the Stevenage area who support Fairtrade, buying Fairtrade chocolate and other goods for themselves which helps farmers get a better deal.”

A new report from the Fairtrade Foundation, who are leading the She Deserves a Living Income campaign, reveals women cocoa farmers often carry the greatest burden for the least reward. It calls on the government and businesses to ensure farmers earn living incomes by 2030 in line with the UN’s Global Goals to end poverty.

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I was pleased to meet fantastic apprentices working in Stevenage, as part of National Apprenticeship Week.

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Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage is backing Neighbourhood Watch in a bid to get more local residents signed up to the scheme. He joined Assistant Chief Constable Bill Jephson, Chief Superintent Matt Nicholls and Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Martin May for a walk about the town, including a visit to the Oval to chat to local residents and business owners.

Stephen McPartland MP said, “The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is an excellent way for local officers to keep in touch with their communities and vice versa. We have had some excellent results, which have come out of people receiving an email about a crime or incident and then responding with information which has significantly helped an inquiry.

“Residents don’t have to do anything other than act on any crime prevention advice sent to them, which encourages them to report any suspicious incidents or behaviour that they may have seen. When we are all working together for the greater good it makes it harder for criminals to operate, as well as helping to improve community spirit across the town.”

Around a quarter of Stevenage households already receive emails from the Online Watch Link which provide information about crimes, missing people, suspicious activity and police events in their area. You can sign up to Neighbourhood Watch via OWL @ or contact your local Watch Liaison Officer - Verity Soued by calling 101 or emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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