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It was a sad day when the Post Office in the Old Town closed. However, there is hope now after Stephen McPartland met with Mohsin Miah, the Knebworth Post Master.

Mr Miah said, “I have expressed an interest and applied to run a post office in the Old Town and restore this much loved community service. I have been speaking with Stephen McPartland about any help the community can provide in finding suitable premises and supporting my application. I am very happy to open a pop up Post Office in the community for the Christmas period, but this needs agreement of the Post Office company.”

Stephen McPartland said, “We have been searching for someone with the experience and enthusiasm to make a success of an Old Town Post Office, after Waitrose left. Mohsin Miah is the man for the job in my view and I am supporting his application. It is important we get a temporary solution in place for Christmas and we have to get the national Post Office to support this for our community. I do hope the local community will get behind Mohsin’s application and support him."

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