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Stephen McPartland MP visited Stevenage Pharmacy at Emperor's Gate in Stevenage to receive his flu vaccination as part of the national pharmacy NHS flu vaccination service.

Stephen McPartland MP said, "The NHS Flu Vaccination Service is an excellent service and so accessible, with no appointments required. It only takes a few minutes and many patients are loyal to their pharmacy, so everyone knows each other quite well, making it an easy experience. The vaccination will help protect people through the winter months avoiding an illness that can have serious consequences. I encourage at-risk people in Stevenage to make sure they get their flu jab."

Mr Nasir Khan, pharmacist, comments: “As a community pharmacist, I am really excited about this year’s NHS Flu Vaccination Service. We are keen to work with colleagues in general practice to help ensure that as many eligible people as possible are vaccinated this year.

"I have been offering vaccinations and other public health services for several years and my patients have been extremely positive about these. There is so much that community pharmacists and their teams can do to help people with their medicines and their health."

The NHS Flu Vaccination Service offered through community pharamcies aims to make it easier than ever to get an NHS flu jab and to increase the number of at-risk people across England being protected from ill health over the winter months. All adults aged 65 years and over, and those aged 18 years or over and in clinical risk groups, can receive a free of charge NHS flu jab, often without the need for an appointment. People in at-risk groups include pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions including asthma and diabetes.

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