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Stevenage town is benefiting from a £1.1 million spend on new buses, adding to the substantial investment of over £250 million from the government on local health, education and other services.

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, said, "I was delighted to launch six of the brand new buses Arriva have purchased for use in Stevenage. This is fantastic news for passengers and another great investment in our town, which has almost 26,000 passenger journeys a day".

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, commented on the proposed boundary changes, “ I am really pleased with the proposed boundary changes and delighted that I keep my existing constituency of Stevenage, Knebworth, Codicote, Datchworth and Aston. I believe including the Great Ashby Area, Graveley, Little Wymondley and Great Wymondley makes sense and of course I look forward to welcoming back Walkern, Benington and Ardeley. Everyone in these areas will work and use many of the services in the town of Stevenage such as our schools, hospital and shops, which are benefitting from the massive £250million investment programme that I have secured from the Government. I know many of the experts are predicting this will mean a much bigger majority for the Conservatives in Stevenage at the next election, but I am staying focused on delivering real results for my constituents.”

Stephen McPartland Member of Parliament visited the Stevenage Citizens Advice Bureau office to support the CAB's campaign against fraudsters acting in the local area.


The CAB is urging people to take part in a quick, simple, anonymous survey to find out what scammers are up to locally. The survey lists common scams such as bogus job ads, phantom flats, fake lottery wins, cold callers asking for up-front fees, services that fail to materialise, unsuitable loans, debt management and claims management. To take part in the survey, go to or visit your local CAB office at Swingate House on Danestrete, Stevenage.


Stephen McPartland MP joined at The Glebe, Chells as employees of the Nisa Local presented a cheque for £500 to The Living Room.

The money was raised for the drug addiction and therapy support group. It will be used towards transport costs of trips out for children of those assisted by the charity.

The cheque was received by Janis Feely, MBE, founder and project director of The Living Room.


Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland was brought in by Michael Hearn, local councillor for Martins Wood, to help with a long-standing problem in Foxfield with the one-way restrictions being ignored by many drivers.  Stephen said, "I have raised the situation with Hertfordshire highways and they have agreed to place some straight ahead road marking arrows on the road to remind people it is a one way street. I will also ask them if they can look at some additional measures I discussed with the residents."

Foxfield residents met with Stephen and Michael to raise their concerns, commenting, "As well as cars, you often see delivery vans going the wrong way and even vehicles used by various local public services.  Foxfield has been one-way for 20 years, but people are ignoring the signs more and more.  It is an accident waiting to happen."

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland joined police officers on patrol across Stevenage on Thursday night.

Stephen said: “I wanted to go out on patrol with police in Stevenage to reassure residents that our town is safe. The arson attacks in Bedwell did increase fear in the area but they were not linked to the national disorder we have seen in London - those rioters are nothing more than pathetic thugs engaged in criminal activity. There are no excuses for their behaviour. It is disgraceful that they feel it is okay to steal or destroy other people's property and this will not be tolerated in Hertfordshire.

Stephen added, "The police have a vast array of resources available to them and the officers I was with on Thursday night were very professional and committed. I am very impressed with their determination to keep Stevenage safe for local residents and I certainly felt reassured seeing them in action."

Stephen McPartland Member of Parliament for Stevenage commented, "I know the arson attacks place fear in the Bedwell area but we would like to once again reassure people that what happened in Bedwell is not the same as what’s happened in London and other cities. In those cases there have been groups of 300 to 400 people but here it was a small number of people."

Stephen added, "I have offered to go out on patrol with the police in Stevenage, tomorrow night or Friday afternoon and evening, to try and reassure residents that Stevenage is safe and we are not seeing any gangs of youths engaging in copycat behaviour.”

Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage, spoke today about the riots in London.  He said, "These riots are nothing more than a number of outbreaks of criminal activity by a bunch of pathetic thugs. The scenes on TV are truly shocking and I am disgusted that these hooligans feel it is ok to destroy and steal other people's property."

Stephen reassured local people by saying, "I know many people have been frightened by this outbreak of violence and I would like to reassure them that no such incidents are taking place in our communities locally.

Hertfordshire Police are helping in London and have a vast array of resources available if any copycat incidents were to take place locally. I fully support the work of Hertfordshire Police and stand ready to request any assistance they would need from the Home Secretary".

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