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Stephen McPartland, Member of Parliament for Stevenage said, "I will be voting in favour of the European Union Withdrawal Bill this evening. It should clear the first stage of Parliament tonight and then has several more stages to go next week in the House of Commons. It will then proceed to the House of Lords.

"I understand there are strong feelings on both sides of the debate, but I believe in democracy. Whether I win or lose by 1 vote in an election, never mind 1.7million, then I have to respect that decision. My constituency voted Leave as did I and the margin locally was over 20 percent.

"The Prime Minister has been clear that Brexit means Brexit and the Government will trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017. I can assure you the Government is committed to making a success of Brexit, and that there must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door, and no second referendum. The referendum campaign was fought, the vote was held, turnout was high, and the public gave their verdict. The country voted to leave the European Union, and it is the duty of the Government to make sure we do just that."

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